Data Protection Solution






  • 3Gen Unified Storage

    Optimal storage that provides excellent ROI Value storage with high reliability for small and medium-sized businesses to mission critical tasks

    Storage Integrated SAN and NAS can be accommodated in one device, and can be used as a main storage device or a secondary storage device.​

    The Unified Storage platform can simultaneously support block and file services, which are technical requirements for business.​

    3Gen's Local and Network RAID technology is the world's most powerful RAID engine.​

    Dual Intel Xeon CPUs rebuild 5TB per hour with fast DPP RAID.​

    Up to 24 modern Fiber Channel can be configured, and 2 independent GB Ethernet ports are provided by default.​

    The storage gateway option can support 1000 storage nodes.​

    Multi-node support through failover.​

    It provides excellent file and transaction performance with high bandwidth, 64-bit architecture, and the latest I/O technology.​

    Global clustering and remote volume mirroring enable rapid disaster recovery, and cloud computing support adds value to productivity and data availability.​

    Dynamic Thin Provisioning provides block-level data deduplication, real-time volume encryption, and WORM functions, and provides SSD and N+1 clustering with improved performance to protect sensitive and mission-critical data.​

  • Excellent ROI​

    Virtualization platform support​

    Perfect execution ability​

    All-in-One storage (block-based, file service, server consolidation, backup and recovery, replication)​

    SAN, NAS integration support​

  • High Availability and Advanced Data Protection​

    Apply Hot-Swap technology

    Block-level volume cloning

    Supports asynchronous remote mirroring, synchronous/asynchronous block-level volume mirroring

    SnapBack, SanpQuick support​

    Enterprise clustering support (Active-Active, Active-Standby)​

    Real-time volume encryption and support​

  • Ease of use​

    Plug-and-Play-based easy installation support (Initial installation in less than 15 minutes)​

    Provides a web-based management console​

    Thin-Provisioning Support

    No need for professional storage engineers​

  • Sharing storage and controlling access.​

    High-performance SAS, NVMe, and high-capacity SATA disks support​

    Support for various protocols such as FC, Iscsi, NFS, CIFS, etc.​