Operation Technology Protection Solution






Stratus’s Solutions & Platforms are easy to install and implement, operate autonomously with constant availability
in harsh environments. Also protect data, security and reputation at the business edge.

As a professional partner of Stratus, KDSYS is doing its best to supply non-disruptive systems covering the IT and OT fields.​

Stratus Product Line ​

Stratus has a wide range of solutions, from software to hardware, to ensure business continuity.

Image Product Description​ Components

Fault Tolerant High Availability Solution ​

everRun Enterprise FT

everRun Enterprise HA

Startus ftServer

Fault Tolerant redundancy using industry standard components.​

Patented lockstep processing technology prevents transaction loss​

Multi-path IO technology prevents data corruption or loss (including data being processed in memory)​

Implement Fault Tolerant redundancy without software modification or failover script​

Reduce software license costs by configuring redundancy with only a single executable image​

No training required as standard OS or common virtualization software can be used​

ztC Edge

Self-protecting, versatile, fully integrated industrial computing solution that can be installed in 30 minutes​

Products for industrial grade​

Built-in virtualization​

Application & Data Protection

Support hot-Swap node exchang

Application & VM health monitoring , network security​

Redundancy support between isolated sites

Easy integration with IT systems using REST API​

Support Specialized service and condition monitoring​