Operation Technology Protection Solution






Watchtek’s 100% self-developed 25 monitoring solution modules enable seamless IT infrastructure management and lead to advancement of IT operation with big data + machine learning autonomous monitoring technology.
WatchAll, the most complete monitoring solution used by over 2,500 customers worldwide!

As a professional solution partner of Watchtek, KDSys is doing it’s best to secure business continuity for customers with Watchtek, an autonomous monitoring solution.​

Watchtek Product ​

Classification​ Components Main Function​ Target Resources​
Integrated Dashboard & Topology Map​ Grid Dashboard
​ Coordinate Dashboard
​ Hierarchical Topology map
​ 3D Rack Implementation diagram​

Provides a web-based integrated dashboard screen for each account​

Provides various dashboard templates and widgets​

Provides hierarchical topology map​

Provides service perspective topology map

Serve Resource Group

(Linux , Windows, Unix etc.)​

APM Resource Group​

(Tomcat, WebLogic. JBoss, Resin etc.)​

Database Resource Group​

(Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Tibero, Cubrid etc.)​

Storage Resource Group​

(DELL EMC, Hitachi, IBM, HP, NetApp etc..)​

Networks Resource Group​

(Switch, Router, Backbone etc.)​

Wireless Network Resource Group

(Controller, Wireless AP, PoE Switch etc.)​

Security Equipment Resource Group

(Firewall, VPN, UTM etc.)​​

Flow Resource Group​

(NetFlow, sFlow, cFlow, iFlow, IPRX etc.)

Protocol Resource Group​


Virtualization Resource Group​

(Vmware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Redhat RHEV etc.)

Server Management System ​ Server Management Virtual Serve
​ Web Service Management

Provides various OS control function ​

CPU/MEM/SWAP/file system control process
management /Port Management/Session Management

Provides Virtual Server & Web page performance monitoring​

Application Management System Application /Service perspective
monitoring /Transaction Monitoring ​ Service fault management

Application monitoring under Various WAS (Tomcat,
WebLogic, JBoss, resin etc.) container operation

Various perspective analysis function for WAS container,
web service application & transaction ​

Storage Management System Heterogeneous storage Management

Threshold-based failure monitoring by storage

​ Provides configuration information and capacity
information for each storage​

Storage real-time performance, operational monitoring​

Provides a visualization map of connectivity between
hosts allocated to storage

Management System
Database Management​
Database performance/Operation Management

Heterogeneous database management​

DBMS performance operation/service resource

SQL syntax monitoring

Facility Management
Facility equipment management
​ Facility equipment configuration management
​ Facility equipment IoT

Integrated monitoring of heterogeneous computing
facility resources​

Advancement of computer facility management through
wireless sensor control​

Provides an easy, non-disruptive management system
through RTU communication​

Network Management
Network management
​ Network configuration management
​ Security equipment management

Provides change history of network equipment configuration

Execute script/provide history information​

Syslog/ SNMP Trap Control​

Wireless Network
Management System​
Wireless networks management
​ AP, APC management
​ PoE switch management

Provides integrated control for heterogeneous APs​

Automatic registration of wireless devices​

Provides a visualization map of wireless equipment connection

Provides map-based wireless AP control screen​

Traffic Management
System ​
​ Traffic management
​ Failure point tracking analysis
​ Flow map function ​

Real-time traffic usage monitoring​

Traffic tracking and analysis support​

Managing excess traffic​

Failure point tracking and history management​

Integrated Log
Management System
Integrated log collection
​ Storage management ​

Integrated log collection for heterogeneous equipment​

Enhancing log pattern learning and analysis capabilities by type

Storing compressed log data, Forgery prevention function ​

Virtualization Management
System ​
Cloud management
​ Supervisor portal function
​ User portal function
​ Predictive analysis of virtual resource

Implementation of integrated operation management for
heterogeneous hypervisors​

Provides point-in-time analysis function for virtual resources​

Virtual resource remote control function​

Virtual resource catalog management function​

Provides smart provisioning function​

Service Experience Management System Performance monitoring by end to end section
​ E2E Flow map function
​ Multi-Agent collection technology applied

Web performance monitoring by section​

Collected response codes for each agent are provided for each

E2E control by various protocols

Provides additional setting function for each protocol​

E2E agent level setting function provided