Operation Technology Protection Solution





PFP Cybersecurity​

Using PFP's patented power analytics algorithms to monitor the integrity and enhance security of embedded devices. PFP(Power Fingerprint) is a complete identification, analysis, and monitoring solution to capture a baseline of activity and then continuously scan for deviations to determine whether an intrusion or cyber-attack has occurred.​ With PFP’s unique PowerIQ analytics to detect both active and dormant attacks at the hardware and firmware levels, enterprises and government agencies can now find zero-day threats immediately by monitoring and detecting power consumption anomalies.

  • P2Scan

    PC based software containing PFP’s patented power analytics algorithms​


    Nework-based digitizer for data ​ acquisition and signal processing​

  • Accurate and Fast

    PFP’s PowerIQ technology detects anomalies from trusted baselines in machine time. Using the laws of physics, PowerIQ is nearly impossible to evade or detect.

  • Fully Customizable ​

    P2Scan provides a user friendly interface with point-and-click simplicity. Monitoring parameters, sensitivity, and metrics are fully customizable by the user​

  • Complete Solution

    The P2Scan kit includes all of the necessary probes, amplifiers, and analysis software to immediately begin using PFP capability.​​

  • Analog Data Capture

    The baseline references, which uniquely identify the execution of a given software routine, are extracted during a controlled “learning” phase before the system is deployed. ​

    The included pMon seamlessly integrates with P2Scan to allow easy data capture from the user’s devices.​

  • Baseline Extraction with Machine Learning

    “Baseline Extraction” guides the user through a series of straightforward steps to create the baseline using PFP algorithms.​

  • Runtime Monitoring

    Once the baseline is created, P2Scan monitors the user’s system with a simple button push. From that point, P2Scan continuously looks for deviations from the baseline to determine whether an intrusion has occurred.

    During Runtime Monitoring, P2Scan provides a number of data views which allow the user to review and interpret the system performance in real time. A persistent graph provides a quick, easy display showing status. For example, a red point indicates an anomaly.​